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I have been going there for facials and extractions past month and the business as a whole is excellent. I felt comfortable as a guy when I got there and there were a plethora of services for men.

Both staff members and the receptionist are extremely friendly and catering to clients.

Women and girls are always coming and going from there..so I am sure their Brazilians lol or whatever they are getting done is above satisfaction.
Date of Posting: 10 January 2014
Posted By: Brian S.
Milltown, NJ
Outside of Manhattan... This place is amazing for the location. Zuzanna is the best at waxing and I truly believe the facials & peels are amazing for the price! Def a hidden gem of milltown
Date of Posting: 27 December 2013
Posted By: Soumya M.
Manhattan, NY
I've been going to Zuzanna's for brazilians for years. I've lived in many different cities (including some abroad) and it honestly does not get any better.

Zuzanna is so kind and fun to talk to, which makes the entire process so much less painful. She uses strips but also has hard wax. I prefer the strips because it eliminates the need to go over the same area twice. Zuzanna knows exactly when to distract me from the pain, which is so nice because hers is already the least painful wax I've ever had.

I just wish she lived where I am now!
Date of Posting: 24 December 2013
Posted By: S B.

S B. Paris, France
Zuzanna's is a hidden gem in Milltown. A clean establishment with reasonably priced services. Zuzanna is very professional and efficient. I highly recommend checking the place out.
Date of Posting: 07 August 2013
Posted By: Chels S.

Milltown, NJ
I was really nervous about my first waxing, but I had a really positive (and not that expensive) experience here.
Date of Posting: 28 December 2012
Posted By: Lorraine C.

I have been a client of Zuzanna's for years, she is THE BEST! I don't quite believe the review from Miss C. I am super picky and go to one salon for wax, one for manicures, one for pedicures and another for hair. I only go to the best possible people. Zuzanna's is the best waxer, super professional and extremely clean.
Date of Posting: 19 October 2012
Posted By: Kim M.

Monmouth Junction, NJ
This is the best place I've ever gone to. The lady is so wonderful and relaxing, i very much enjoy going to Zuzanna's. I don't know what she does but I've never had any skin reactions to her waxing, bikini, eye, lip, adn yes once my thighs... LoL. I've had issues at other places where my skin welts up and looks really bad for afew days, but not at this place, Zuzanna is top 'o the line for me :-)
Date of Posting: 24 July 2012
Posted By: D C.

Milltown, NJ
This place is what I've been looking for - clean facility and a friendly and experienced staff. Zuzanna is very nice and kept me comfortable during the waxing process. She knows what she's doing and is quick but efficient. I've been around to many other waxing places in the area and this is by far the best I've experienced. Will definitely go back!
Date of Posting: 17 July 2012
Posted By: Melissa F.

North Brunswick Township, NJ
Been going to Zuzanna for my Brazilian wax for a few months now. First time was the most painful but she is wonderful, professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anybody. She is great!
Date of Posting: 31 May 2012
Posted By: Michelle M.

East Brunswick, NJ
Being new to waxing (I had only tried it once and vowed to never do it again), I was a little hesitant about trying it again. I had heard only good things about Zuzanna's and they totally lived up to the expectation. Not only was Zuzanna super friendly, making me feel as comfortable as possible, she was also really knowledgable, talking me through every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend Zuzanna for anyone looking for waxing services in this area!
Date of Posting: 17 May 2012
Posted By: Kim B.
East Brunswick, NJ
Oh how I love Zuzanna...let me count the ways!

i've been a regular client of hers for over 3 years and after my very first visit with her, I knew I had found the perfect place. Zuzanna keeps current with her waxing techniques and is accommodating to her customers. Her prices are unbeatable, the spa is ALWAYS clean and I kid you NOT-- my first ever 'relaxing brazilian' came from her! (didn't even know that was possible to achieve!)

Not only is she a master of her craft with years of experience underneath her, but she is also refreshingly genuine and a great listener! Her services are not limited to waxing and facials, oh no, she also gives great advice! We always have good conversation and I find that I always leave her spa feeling 'uplifted' (in more ways than one :-) )

I can go on and on about how wonderful Zuzanna's Esthetics is, but it's one of those things you can't completely understand unless you try for yourself. So if you're not already a client of hers, I highly recommend you give her a try!
Date of Posting: 25 April 2012
Posted By: Alicia Selina H.

Somerset, NJ
Love Zuzanna's! She is quick, gentle, thorough and very friendly. I recently got a facial and it was so relaxing and my skin was so soft. Her prices are very reasonable....I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Date of Posting: 12 April 2012
Posted By: Robin T.

East Brunswick, NJ
I can not sing enough praises for Zuzanna's! I first went to Zuzanna (the owner) for a bikini wax (my first ever) and she was amazing! She is priceless when it comes to distractions! She kept me distracted and talking which made my experience optimal! I have heard horror stories about many other locations so I was on the defense when I showed up for my appointment. There is NO DOUBLE DIPPING here!!!! I have returned SEVERAL TIMES and never has this occured! Zuzanna is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful! I have very sensitive skin and I have never had a reaction, and that is saying a lot! Whether it is bikini, lip, eyebrow, she's great! I am looking forward to scheduling a facial with her, I have no doubt it will be top notch!
Date of Posting: 11 April 2012
Posted By: Kelly A.

Englishtown, NJ
I just love going to Zuzanna's Esthetics. Today I had my 3rd peel, and I'm sure tomorrow my 60 year old face will be as rejuvenated as the other 2 times. I've also had a full facial at the spa, and have been thrilled with the experience and the after effect. I've seen some of the same clients there so it appears that I am not the only loyal client. I've received great service from the owner Zuzanna, a real artist, and Ina, who is also an experienced practitioner of esthetics. I've just recommend Zuzanna's Spa to my daughter for her next facial and waxing appointment. She's finicky and I am confident she'll be as thrilled as I am.
Date of Posting: 07 April 2012
Posted By: Eva S.

Manasquan, NJ
I've been going to Zuzannas for almost ten years now. I drive in from Monmouth County NJ. Inna does the most amazing facials and has been taking care of my skin for years. Inna has seen me through my worst and best skin.
I've tried facials in the Monmouth/Ocean County and Philadelphia areas and have not found an estetician who is as great as Inna. I know girls who have been getting waxed by Zuzanna for years and insist she is the best.

Call ahead for weekends appointments because they book up.
Cynthia at the front desk is a sweet heart.
Date of Posting: 06 March 2012
Posted By: Lisa F. Eatontown, NJ

Eatontown, NJ
I've been going to Zuzanna's since she opened. My girlfriends come in from all over New Jersey. I have been seeing Inna for facials for around 10 years now. Inna is the best estetician!! She has seen me through my best and worst skin. I highly recommend her for facials for any skin type or issue. Peels, facials, waxing you name it they do it well. Cynthia at the front desk is a sweet heart. They book up weekend appointments so call ahead. Best place. Highly recommend.
Date of Posting: 14 February 2012
Posted By: Kelly A.
Englishtown, NJ
I have been going to Zuzanna's for 7 years. She is the best! Her place is immaculately clean, from waiting room to each spa room. Zuzanna is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about what she does. She will talk to you and make you feel comfortable while you are there and she is quick!!! Quick is important! I am usually out of there within ten minutes.I have referred several of my friends to her who have been pleasantly pleased with the services as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Zuzanna's to anyone who is looking for a professional waxing or other beauty service. You will not be disappointed!
Date of Posting: 09 February 2012
Posted By: Diana L.

Bound Brook, NJ
The facial and massage combination at Zuzanna's Esthetics Spa in the New Brunswick area was delightful. This beauty spa ranks right up there in terms of service with top spas I've been to in places at fine resorts. The deep cleansing and deep moisturizing facial was a wonderful experience, and the effects are visible. The great shoulder and hand massage added to my deep relaxation. Inna has great skills and the spa's products and equipment are top notch. The music was relaxing, the treatment room is roomy, and the bed was comfortable. This warm spa is on the main drag, easy to get to and is located in a terrific victorian. The 'parlor' is roomy and homey, and I began to relax the moment I entered. It was wonderful to also meet Zuzanna who finished with another client as I was getting ready to leave. It's clear Zuzanna is really passionate about her work and spa, and client service. That Zuzanna's client also left with a smile on her face is clear indication that my experience was not unique. I recommend that every woman make Zuzanna's Esthetics part of your routine. I just can't say enough good things about this place
Date of Posting: 30 January 2012
Posted By: Eva S.

Manasquan, NJ
Went for the first time and ABOSOLUTELY LOVED it....Zuzanna was the best explained everything to me what to expect and not to expect. The whole process was just delightful. She was very fast and prices are resonable i recommend Zuannas 100%
Date of Posting: 27 January 2012
Posted By: Rosemary N.

Perth Amboy, NJ
Zuzanna's is the best. Great service, great prices, and really comfortable. Zuzanna's does a really great job.
Date of Posting: 21 January 2012
Posted By: Jordan K.

New Brunswick, NJ
I've been going to Zuzanna's for over two years now and I have never had a bad experience. She is very professional in what she does and has always made me feel comfotable. Its a 40 min drive from where I live now but it is well worth it. If you want a good waxing experience at a good price definitely go to Zuzanna's.
Date of Posting: 12 January 2012
Posted By: Yadel S.

Union City, NJ
This is the place to go for the best facial and waxing!! I love to go for my treatments as Zuzanna makes me feel comfortable. Zuzanna is not only reasonably priced but a fantastic experience. The waiting room is very inviting, rooms are spotless. I love her products she uses for waxing.
She is very experienced and as mentioned before very fast and very clean. Must visit.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2012
Posted By: Deedee C.

East Brunswick, NJ
I had never gone to get any type of waxing done before and was soo extremely nervous. When I walked into Zuzanna's they were nothing but nice and they make you feel so warm and comfortable. Having your stuff all out in the open is not the most exciting thing to have done but they take good care of you and helped me to relax so I could stop shaking. The experience was fast and Zuzanna keeps your mind off of it by talking to you the whole time! I have been going there for at least a year now and would never go anywhere else!! Love itttttttttttt
Date of Posting: 04 January 2012
Posted By: Nicole N.

New Brunswick, NJ
I have been going to Zuzanna for over 5 years and I wouldn't go any place else. The Victorian salon is warm and inviting, with soft jazz playing in the background. The staff is super friendly. Zuzanna is gentle and thorough with waxing. I just had a facial for the first time and it was amazing. So relaxing and my skin never felt better and never looked so good. Zuzanna is priced very well especially given the service and the products. I highly recommend Zuzanna
Date of Posting: 03 January 2012
Posted By: Robin T.
East Brunswick, NJ
Zuzanna's is THE place to go for any kind of waxing!!! I actually LOVE the type of wax she uses for Brazilian's - its still liquid so you aren't in an uncomfortable/awkward position waiting for that 'hard' wax to cool and harden - plus my OB/GYN has told me some horror stories he's seen from the hard wax. Her technique is amazing, making it virtually pain free. She uses good after products as well.
Date of Posting: 02 January 2012
Posted By: Nicole I.

Dayton, NJ
Wax on, wax off. When the skill, speed and gracefulness of a kung fu master is demonstrated by an esthetician, I become a loyal disciple.

A few years ago I was forced to look for a new esthetician. I dreaded the hassle of finding a good waxing salon; and perhaps this is the one instance when I somewhat resented being a woman! Why? Consider these facts: strange person, strange room, and me -- baring it all. Doesn't that sound like an anxiety dream or a recurring nightmare, except the 'pinch' (or intense pain) fails to wake you up???

Thankfully, my experience with Zuzanna was far from a nightmare and more like a wonderful dream. That's right, ladies, waxing and dream in the same review! I love Zuzanna. She is professional, friendly, adept, and conversational without being annoying. She is thorough, fast and magically keeps the pain level at a minimum. I can talk without grimacing or pausing while she works, which is saying a lot! She has great technique and instructs you on a breathing method for the more painful parts.
Date of Posting: 30 November 2011
Posted By: Amanda E.

South River, NJ
Zuzanna's was beautiful, clean, and the staff was very friendly! She was fast and painless; the best waxer ever! Went to Bliss prior, and not only were they rude, but over-priced and not very thorough (Brazilian means Brazilian, ok?). I will definitely be a regular at this spa.
Date of Posting: 20 August 2010
Posted By: jennifer c.

Franklin Park, NJ
I don't know how ANYONE could ever say anything negative about Zuzanna or her spa! I've been a client of hers for over 10 years now and have never once had a bad experience. She is kind, gentle, and most important, very clean. The spa always smells nice and is really quite beautiful. The only way I could see someone saying something bad about her or the spa is if they were fat and over-weight, then maybe your skin would come off from sweating, or if you were just jealous! Whoever wrote that comment should be ashamed of yourself! For any potential clients, I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Once you meet her, you will love not only her, but her spa too! Enjoy!
Date of Posting: 05 February 2010
Posted By: Kathy J.

Edison, NJ
AMAZING! absolutely amazing.

i had been going to Metropolis in Princeton for my brazillian waxes and i thought they were pretty good, but in comparison to Zuzanna's they tortured me; Zuzanna's was ten dollars cheaper, and three times faster.

Zuzanna's lobby is very warm and intimate, and the receptionist was very friendly. the waxing room is as sterile as an operating room, and Zuzanna is unbelievably fast; she also used a Novicaine numbing cream and antiseptic. i swear, the whole procedure took under five minutes to get *everything* waxed off! i was in and out of there in fifteen minutes, including paying and the initial wait.

if i could, i would give six stars!
Date of Posting: 21 July 2009
Posted By: Zo
Mercer, NJ
Love this place. I went for my first Brazilian the other day and I will definitely be going back. Very professional friendly staff that made me super comfortable. Almost completely painless too
Date of Posting: 23 June 2009
Posted By: Candice P.

Kenilworth, NJ

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