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What an amazing experience! Zuzanna and her staff are over the top amazing. The place is incredibly clean and relaxing! Her waxes are literally painless. It is nice to have such a great private place to get your waxings done. Thanks Zuzanna and staff!
Date of Posting: 04 May 2009
Posted By: Sarah D.

Somerset, NJ
I discovered this place a couple of years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since. Zuzanna's is by far the cleanest waxing salon I've been to, and I've been to quite a few including overpriced fancy locations in NYC. I now live in Manhattan but still time all my waxing appts for when I come back to Jersey to visit family. Zuzanna is clean, quick, and makes you feel extremely comfortable during every appt. She is very friendly and kind. I have never had a less than wonderful experience here. Further, she has over 15 years waxing experience and her technique is highly skilled and sanitary. I have NEVER seen her double dip a stick. She keeps dozens of sticks at her side and throws EACH out after 1 dip. She is from Europe and it is extremely frowned upon to double dip there.
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Lerna T.

North Brunswick Township, NJ
The thing I also liked was that she was so attentive and didn't leave me alone for even a second for my one hour facial, I can't say that about past experiences where they have left me to steam for 30 minutes!
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Great attention to me
This spa deserves some attention, it is a rare gem in a part of New Jersey you wouldn't expect this.
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Deserves Attention
My esthetician was the best I've ever had. I felt as if I was in a fancy, schmancy NYC spa without the snobbery. She is an expert, she made me very comfortable, she suggested some ideas and products but was not pushy.
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Best esthetician
This is on a busy street in a converted house. I didn't expect much the first time I went. The inside was cozy, clean and inviting.
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Cozy
I have been going to Zuzanna for many years. The brazilian wax is the best I have ever received. I have been to upscale spas in Arizona, California, Chicago, New York and Maui and no one does a more complete and pain-free job than Zuzanna or her staff. The price is an absolute bargain for the results.
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By: Best Bikini Wax
This is by far the best place for waxing treatments in central new jersey. I wish I had found it sooner! Being relatively new to the Rutgers area, I suffered through a variety of different places. Save yourself the pain of inexperience and/or high cost and go to see Zuzanna for all your waxing needs. Very experienced and very fast - very reasonably priced.
Date of Posting: 30 November 1999
Posted By:
New Brunswick, NJ

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